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We are a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013.  Our original goal was to help families understand addiction and give support but we quickly learned that more than just the family members needed help, those struggling with addiction needed a place to turn as well. 

The Journey is our support group that meets every Tuesday at 6 pm at the Morgan County Senior Center at 106 Sand Mine Road, Berkeley Springs, WV.

This group is intended primarily for those in recovery or active addiction, but if you need to talk, you are welcome.

The Circle, as we are affectionately known, meets every Thursday at 7 pm at the Morgan County Senior Center at 106 Sand Mine Road, Berkeley Springs, WV. This group is for anyone who has a history of substance use disorders and anyone whose life has been impacted by substance use, such as families and friends of those who have a history of active addition or are in recovery.

This group can also be attended via zoom at:

The Circle Virtual Meeting

Life or Drugs provides presentations to local schools and organizations about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  We have been in schools located in WV, MD, and PA.  

For more information on Life or Drugs, please visit the Facebook page:  Life or Drugs, Tri-State Support

Team HOPE was birthed from Life or Drugs by our board president who had a vision to reach the children affected by addiction and other traumatic life events.  Team HOPE is a youth support group open to ages 10-16.  Team HOPE focuses on the challenges of today's youth including bullying, grief, peer pressure, split families, and so much more.  For more information on Team HOPE, please visit the Facebook page WV Team HOPE.


Donations can be made to provide educational or financial support to prevention efforts in our schools.  Donations can be made to Life or Drugs, Tri-State Support through PayPal or you can send a check to:

Life or Drugs, Tri-State Support

PO Box 1198

Berkeley Springs, WV 25411


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